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Nu Asia

Location | Manama, Bahrain
Type | Restaurant
Size | 50,000 sq ft
SHH Services | Architecture, Interior Design, Branding & Graphics

The owners of Nu Asia had extensive experience in running one-off high end restaurants. The Nu Asia concept marked a new departure for the operators, as they launched a branded offer of growing it into a chain. Aimed at the local, ex-pat and tourist markets, Nu Asia needed to find a balance between east & western cultures and visual language. SHH created the whole offer, from the 300-seater launch restaurant building itself - three elegant interlocking volumes, each one larger than the last and variously clad in timber, glass and stone – to the interiors scheme and all graphics and branding. Since opening the first restaurant in 2008, Nu Asia has opened a further three restaurants, all designed by SHH, evolving both the design and the brand, as well as creating a range of applications for both marketing and web-based communication.