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National Railway Museum

Location | National Railway Museum, York
Type | Three restaurants & cafés
Size | 8,675 sq ft
SHH Services | Interior Design

At York’s National Railway Museum (part of the Science Museum), SHH designed all three elements of the Museum’s hospitality offer, from the re-designed ‘Dining Car’ restaurant in Station Hall and ‘The Mallard Café’ in the Great Hall to a brand new external container café area, called ‘The Courtyard’. All three feature exciting, playful and highly original designs, inspired by the glorious heritage of the railways, with the counters in The Dining Car modelled on the feel of an old timber-clad ticket office, for example, alongside seating inspired by vintage railway carriages and a series of framed ‘golden age’ room-sets on casters. The Mallard Café has an industrial feel, referencing the great engineering feats of the Mallard trains (a special focus of the Museum), whilst the staggered set of four containers (also referencing industrial transportation) now form the new, external catering offer of pizza and ice-cream.